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Celebrating Juneteenth and Promoting Equity Strategies for Inclusive Leaders

Advancing Juneteenth Adoption and Workplace Equity: A Strategic Guide for Business Leaders

Time to learn about Juneteenth! Discover our comprehensive guide for business leaders seeking to recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday, promote equity in the workplace, and support meaningful causes and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

DEI & You Consulting LGBTQIA Brochure

Build a culture of inclusion and belonging with our Holiday Diversity Equity and Inclusion Calendar

Looking for a workplace where people feel safe, valued and included in 2023 and beyond? Our Free DEI calendar and its list of crucial holidays and national events to plan you Diversity, Equity and Inclusion engagement calendar will give you the tools and knowledge to make your workplace more equitable and inclusive.

DEI & You Consulting LGBTQIA Brochure

DEI & You Consulting LGBTQIA+ Brochure

Download our brochure to help your organization evolve in its diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Our brochure aims to share knowledge on why DEI is important for LGBTQIA+ Employees and Companies. It also provides key information on how hiring and retaining LGBTQAI+ Talent is important for business growth.

DEI & You Consulting LGBTQIA Brochure

DEI & You Consulting Achieving Racial Equity: Anti-Racism Brochure

Download our Achieving Racial Equity: Anti-Racism brochure today to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for your multicultural talents. Our brochure shares valuable knowledge on the importance of equity, racial justice and how to promote racial equity within your organization. In addition, it will provide tips on hiring and retaining racially diverse talent so your company can reach new levels of innovation, productivity, and profitability while creating a sense of belonging for your workforce.