About me

Hello, I am

Brett Zalaski

Head of Sales & Business Development

Brett Zalaski has consulted, trained, and led sales teams in professional sports for the past 15 years. This includes stops at the NBA & MLS league offices, leading sales efforts for two separate MLS teams, and consulting or training over 70 different professional and collegiate sports organizations. Before sports, Brett started his career CEB, the company that wrote The Challenger Sale, where he sold or acted first sales lead on relationships with Fortune 500 and Global 3000 across the United States and Australia. Brett got his BA from Hamilton College, and is incredibly happily married with two step-kids (and one kid on the way!) in Fulshear, TX.

At DEI & You Consulting, he leads the sales and business development efforts as we work to educate the broader business community about the incredible perspective our organization offers by leveraging equity, diversity and inclusion.