Workshops, Training and Facilitation

DEI & You Consulting tailors our in-person and virtual workshops with data-driven material that reinforces the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in your organizational strategy.

D&I Learning

Our training and facilitation style is designed to be interactive and experiential. This approach imprints tangible takeaways that equip your staff, leadership, and stakeholders with the skills to mitigate bias and foster inclusion. We deliver real tools to address real challenges.

Expert-Led Diversity and Inclusion Workshops


We are a team of international, experimented, and certified diversity, equity and inclusion experts. We support both large and small companies internationally.

DEI is not a one-person job. No matter how experienced a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant is, one person cannot provide organizational change alone. Only a team that specializes in understanding diverse culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, diverse backgrounds, religions, geographic locations and so on will be able to create an organizational DEI climate as its core values.

DEI is complex and needs multiple specialists in the area to join forces to set up your organization for success.

Does this sound like your organization?

Workshop Topics

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics we address in our training, workshops, and facilitation. Please contact us to learn more.

Understand and Counteracting
Unconscious Bias

Inclusive Leadership

Recognizing and Reducing Microaggressive Behaviors

Inclusive Hiring

Defining Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at Work

Creating Psychological Safety and Belonging

Cultivating Allyship and Inclusive Behaviors

Creating an Anti-Racist Organization