Your Essential Guide to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Mastering DEIB

Concise DEIB guidebook on the benefits of being a diverse and inclusive company

Unlock Concise DEIB guidebook on the benefits of being a diverse and inclusive company

The Details


What: This digital GuideBook is a concise guide on the benefits of being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company with the goals of producing a work environment where everyone can thrive as their most authentic selves. Within the GuideBook you will find terms and definitions, case studies, reports, and best practices for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across various industries.


Why: Companies like Sodexo, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, GymShark and Coca-Cola have built DEIB programs and have seen measurable results and increases in productivity, profitability, and retention but they all started somewhere. When you first commit to beginning your DEI Journey, it is essential to build a solid foundation. This GuideBook is intended to be that foundation. Companies who commit to and strategically execute a DEIB strategy generated 38% more revenue, on average, from innovative products and services than companies with lower diversity (Global McKinsey, 2019).  Don’t fall behind! Use this guide as your starting point and see your company grow! 


How: You can purchase this course today for $149.99 and have access to 40 pages of DEIB information, instruction, and insight. Just click the add to cart button and be one step closer to becoming a changemaker and making a positive impact on your team.

Four Key Takeaways From This DEI GuideBook

Forming a Basic understanding of the main principles of DEIB

Case studies and industry specific challenges

The importance of allyship and what it looks like in the workplace

Actionable steps for implementing the material and measuring progress

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point in my DEI journey should I be for this GuideBook to be the most helpful?
Everyone can benefit from this Guidebook, no matter where you are in your DEI Journey. Whether you are just starting or you’ve been at it for a while, the insights, case studies, and actionable information are beneficial at every step along the way.
Is the GuideBook industry specific?
This resource provides both a general overview of DEI that can be applied in every industry as well as industry specific challenges to overcome and in -depth reports on the challenges in said industries. In total, six different industries are covered specifically, but the bulk of the information is applicable across those industries and others.
How much does the Guidebook cost?
The full course is yours for just $149.99.
What are the next steps after purchasing and reading the GuideBook?
Put what you learned into practice! The GuideBook will spark many ideas for implementing what you’ve learned, and you don’t have to do it alone. DEI & You Consulting will be there with you every step of the way. We suggest looking into DEIB training for your employees so they can become more knowledgeable in the areas the GuideBook covers.

“The materials are informative and thought provoking.”

“I want to thank DEI & You Consulting very much for the training, and for allowing us the space to be open, honest, and vulnerable.”

“I am planning to expand my reach with this work, and thanks to DEI & You Consulting’s training at my company, I feel empowered to begin the process.”

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We’ve developed a data-driven 3-step process to boost your business performance: audit, strategy, and implementation.


We equip your teams, leaders, and stakeholders with the skills to mitigate bias and foster inclusion.


In our 1:1 coaching sessions, we supply executives with resources and training to support DEI efforts that enhance collaboration and business value


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